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Info Communications Club

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About Us

Damai Secondary School Infocom Club was formed to groom a group of students skilled in providing AV support to the school. Over the years, the club has grown from strength to strength to equip our students with relevant info communication skills. The club focuses on these main areas: Photography, Videography and AV support for school events and assembly programmes.

Our Vision & Mission

Let’s Inspire, Change and Create

Inspire your team with relevant info communications skills. (Damai Audio-Visual (AV) technology, photography, and videography) Change your perspective and embrace creativity, entrepreneurship and community spirit.
Create a product and be proud of your achievements.

Teacher(s)-in-charge and Training Schedule

Mr Lau Hui Cheng

Training Schedule

School Terms
  • Friday: 2.00pm to 5.30pm 
Holiday & Weekends 
  • Photography Seminars & Competitions (for selected students)

Student Leaders


Matthew Pang Yi Fan 4A1
Khairul Ameer Iman Bin Azlinor 4E6

Vice Chairperson

Suhaila Fathima D/O Mohamed Yunus 4A4
Max Lim Kwok Yeow 3E2

Upper-Sec Executive Committee

Daniel Tay Zhu Hao 4A1
Ili Nur Dhania Bte Mohamed J 4E2

Upper-Sec Committee Members

Tan En Xi, Cheryl 4E3
Ong Wei Song 4E4
Eamcheerangkoon Pongpanod 4E5
Lum Man Ci Calyn 4E6
Nurul Nazhifa Bte Junaida 4E6 
Haris Yasser Bin Hamirudin 4T1
Chung Xi Ming Bernard 3E2
Lim Kye Cher 3E1
Reagan Koo Xin Wei 3A1

Student Leadership and Training

Members who show potential leadership skills and abilities are identified and given opportunities to attend school leadership training workshops in order to further develop them, and they are subsequently given leadership roles and responsibilities in the executive committee to help the teachers in managing the club and especially in guiding the junior members in performing their day-to-day AV duties. 

The AV support that ICC  provides during major school events are good opportunities for the seniors to hone their leadership skills as they guide their juniors in ensuring the smooth running of events. 


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