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Canoeing Elsha Lyana, 4E1 (2016)
"I didn't have a chance to try canoeing in primary school, but took the opportunity in Damai Secondary as I felt that it would be unique and fun. For the past 4 years, I've been through lots of hardships and it made me the person I am today. I'm now a more determined person and someone who has a different outlook in life. It has positively impacted me as a leader as well as a teammate. I love canoeing!" 

Elsha Lyana, 4E1 (2016)
"My experience in Dragon Boat taught me to be more disciplined and to have sportsmanship. 

The most poignant quality I learnt was the importance of teamwork. In fact, if all twenty of us were not co-ordinated, the boat would not be able to move fast. I can see the spirit of teamwork in each and every training session. I really enjoy being a part of Dragon Boat." 

Dennis Ang Jing Zong, 5A2 (2016)
" My primary school PE teacher inspired me to play handball. In this CCA, I've learnt the true meaning of teamwork. My teammates and I went through hardship and we've trained to be the best that we can be. 

We had been Champions in the National Inter-School competitions for two consecutive years. I'm proud to represent Damai Secondary in Singapore's National Handball team now!" 

Rifqi Fathan Bin Rahim, 4A3 (2016)
"I've learnt to be a more committed resilient and responsible person after joining Netball. Whenever I experienced setbacks during a game, I learnt to stand up bravely and continue playing. As the captain, I motivate my teammates often and bring everyone closer. 
Damai is our name, Netball is our game!"

Tan Xiang Ting, 4A2 (2016)
"Rugby has taught me teamwork and communications skills. Without such skills, we would not be able to win matches, nor will I be the person that I am today. 

Since I started playing in Damai Secondary School, I feel that I have become a better person and an excellent rugby player." 

Muhammad Fatris Bin Malek, 3A1 (2016)
"Softball has developed me to be an independent, committed, diligent and disciplined person. Thanks to my CCA , I am the person that I am today. 

In addition, it has given me opportunities to hone my leadership skills. I learnt responsibilities as the Vice-Captain of B-Division Softball. 

Softball is for everyone and individuals play the game, but only teams beat the odds!" 

Mark Steven Rahayu Pasiona, 4E2 (2016)