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About Us

Damai Secondary School provides a rigorous, holistic, customised and elite training programme for our talented Damai Netball athletes that focuses on the development of their skills, instil a good sense of sportsmanship and their ability to play well as a team. Every training session is tailored to work on the athletes’ tactical, technical and physical competencies. Damai Secondary School is committed to supporting the development and growth of our Netball athletes’ competencies; we have exposed our athletes to nation-wide competitions such as the M1 Schools Challenge League 2016 as our school recognises the importance on providing competitive opportunities for our athletes to sharpen their skills. Close-knit, competitive and full of tenacity, our Damai Netball team has a strong culture that believes in creating peak performance on a consistent basis and displaying virtues such as persistence, flexibility, respect, integrity, fearlessness, when trying to achieve success at Netball competitions.

Our Vision & Mission

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Teacher(s)-in-charge and Training Schedule

Mdm Adeline Chan

Mdm Wong Chuay Leng
Ms Rossana Ros
Mdm Tan Boon Siew
Mdm Nurhayati Abd


Ms Tan Wee Ling

Training Schedule 

School Term

  • Monday: 2.45pm to 5.45pm
  • Friday: 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Student Leaders

Captain (2018)

Siow Yu Xuan 3E3

Co-Captain (2018)

Poon Wen Jun Sherri 3E2

Upper Secondary Executive Committee 

Sorfina Asyfa B Md Mohaimin 2A2 (Welfare) 
Quraisha Iwani Binte Nor Imran 2E3 (Welfare) 

Upper Secondary Committee Members

Nahar Fathima Salahudeen 3E2 (Logistics) 
Nyx Audrey Angelo Iskandar 2E3 (Logistics

Lower Secondary Captain (2018)

Nurliyana Binte Rosli 1E1 

Lower Secondary  Co-Captain (2018)

Hailey Lu Losczyk 1E2

Lower Secondary Executive Committee 

Nurul Afiqah Binte Ridzuan 1E2 (Welfare) 
Siti Norsyazwani Binte Mahadi 1E1 (Welfare) 

Lower Secondary Committee Members

Poon Wen Fang Sharon 1A2 (Logistics) 
Siti Badriyah Maharani Binte Mahadi 1E1 (Logistics

Student Leadership Development and Training

  • First Aid Certification
  • Leadership Training Programme
  • Combined Sports CCA Leader
  • Carnivals
  • Active School Programmes



Daisy Tan Netball Carnival (Under-17 Category) : 4th


National Inter-School Netball Championships 2017: ('B' Division) East Zone Top 8 

M1 Schools Challenge League Championships 2017:('C' Division) 3rd within Group

Our talented individuals selected for National Squad Team 17 and Under. 
- Octaveny Santoso Wijaya (4E1)
- Nur Shamila Bte Abdullah (3E2)


East Zone Inter-School Netball Tournament for ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions 
M1 Schools Challenge League 2016 (‘B’ Division – Bronze medal in the Group level) 
Bendemeer Mini Netball Carnival 2016 – Gold Medal 
Katana Netball Carnival 2016 – Champions for both ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions   

Activities that our Damai netballers volunteered in:   
Netball Super League 2016 at Toa Payoh Sports Hall Beach Netball at Sentosa Active Carnival 2016 at Kallang Netball Centre

Competitions (LEAPS 2.0 - Achievement)
2016_01_15 East Zone Competition
2016_03_14 to 05_01 M1 School Challenge League
- B Division Round 1 - 3rd Position (medals awarded)
- C Division Round 1 - 4th Position

Umpiring Introduction Course - Successful Completion
2016_03_02_ACTive Schools Programme
  1. Ang Han Lin (Sec 2E2)
  2. Nur Sabrina Bte Mohd Zaini (Sec 3E1)
  3. Octaveny Santoso Wijaya (Sec 3E1)
  4. Jolie Pua Yaxuan (Sec 3E2)
  5. Noor Diyanah Bte Mohamed Salem (Sec 3E2)
  6. Nur Farisha Bte Zambri (Sec 3E2)
  7. Yee Xue Li Sherly (Sec 3E2)
  8. Iffah Hazirah Bte Ibrahim (Sec 3A2)
  9. Nur Akidah Bte Ahmad (Sec 3T1)

Community Involvement Programme (CIP) Points Awarded
2016_02_20_ACTive Carnival (Pri) at Kallang Netball Centre
  1. Wee Pei Yee (4A1)
  2. Tan Xiang Ting (4A2)
  3. Agatha Lim Hui Juan (4A3)

2016_03_12_Netball Super League (2 days volunteering)
  1. Octaveny Santoso Wijaya (3E1)
  2. Nur Sabrina Bte Mohd Zaini (3E1)
  3. Yee Xue Li Sherly (3E2)
  4. Nur Farisha Bte Zambri (3E2)

2016_03_20_Beach Netball at Sentosa
  1. Richelle Toh Xiao Xuan (3E3)
  2. Fong Zhi Qi (4E2)


Teens Network Club PULSE! Sports Fiesta - Street Netball (20 September)
Top 4 with trophy, medals and cash awarded