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Mother Tongue Languages

Beliefs in Teaching

  1. Every child must learn.
  2. Every child learns when engaged.
  3. Every child learns differently.


Employs innovative and creative teaching and learning strategies to provide a solid grounding for Mother Tongue Languages Learning as well as to cultivate a strong interest in the language and culture.

Staff List

HOD Mdm. Koh Meng Geok 
Subject Head (Malay Language) Ms. Nur Sahira Ramlee
Senior Teacher (Chinese Language) Ms. Yap Yee Ling
Teachers (Chinese Language) Ms. Goh Hwee Ling Mary 
Mr. Wang Zhe 
Ms. Han Li 
 Mr. Goh Hong Fei 
 Mdm. Khoo Ah Moi 
 Ms. Lu Yan 
Ms. Zhang Yongmei 
Mr. Chang Kang En 
Teachers (Malay Language) Ms. Nurul Ain Ab Sukor 
Ms. Nurmin Ahmad 
Mr. Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mohamed Yunos
Ms. Nurain Mohamed Noor 

Syllabus Description

CL Unit:

  • HCL SEC 1-4
  • CL SEC 1-4
  • CL(NA) SEC 1-4
  • BCL SEC 1-4

ML Unit:

  • ML SEC 1-4
  • ML(NA) SEC 1-4
  • BML SEC 1-4

Assessment Guidelines

  • Continual Assessment
  • Semenstral Assessment
  • Project Work
  • Oral
  • Listening Comprehension

Overview of Instructional Programmes/ Non Instructional Programmes

  • Reading Programme
  • MT Fortnight Week
  • Overseas Cultural Immersion Programme
  • Malay workshops

Enrichment Programmes

  • Language Camp
  • Talk by local writers
  • Learning Journeys
  • Reporters Course



  • Distinction rate for GCE O Level ML is 23 %
  • 100% passes in GCE O Level ML
  • Muhammad Asyraf Arifin B S (4E3) is the champion for National Story Challenge 2014

Overall Distinction percentage

Overal passes percentage

SG50 Chinese Creative Writing Competition 2015

In Line with SG50 Celebration this year, our MTL Department has Organized a Chinese Creative Writing Competition. The Competition Theme for this is, "Singapore, my love." Students have the Flexibility to Present Their creative Writing in the form of Essay Writing, poems Play or scripts. They are encouraged to write about Their Experiences and thoughts about Living in Singapore, Touching on the social-Environmental interfaces of Singapore. The Competition has Been Well Received by Students with good Numerous entries. After Rounds of prudent Selection by the Chinese Language teachers, we are now proud to announce the winning creative writers. Their outstanding work pieces are uploaded here for all to read and appreciate.

Senior Group:

First Prize
Xie Huiping 3E4 3E1 Mao Yuxuan

Second prize
Wang Xin Wei Wang 3E1 3E2 3E1 Yan Jiaxuan

Third Prize
Zhang Huailing 3E1 Dai Liu Hui Huang Xinli 3A1 3A1

Low grade group:

First Prize
Huang Yuxuan Lin Huishan 1E3 2E1

Second prize
Zhang Qiuwen 2A2 Wang Zhi Xuan Chen Qiaolin 1E2 1E3

Third Prize
Wang Xiangyi Lijia En 1E3 MERY 2E1 2E1

1_3E4.docx 2_3E1.docx 3_3E1.docx 4_3E2.docx 5_3E1.docx 6_3E1.docx 7_3A1.docx
8_2E1.docx 9_1E3.docx 10_2A2.docx 11_1E3.docx 12___2E1.docx 13_1E3.docx 14_2E1.docx