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Art Club



About Us

Our Art Club is a group of people that shares the passion to express and explore their creative pursuits. Our members are divided into two specialisation groups mainly Chinese Art and Western Art. Our Chinese Art team explores the Chinese Art mediums such as calligraphy in ink, Chinese watercolour paintings and even seal carving. Our Western Art team explored the Western mediums such as colour pencils, watercolour and even mural paintings. Our members have also been exposed to Art beyond school through competitions, exhibition visits, VIA and even Art Trails where they learnt about contemporary works in our community such as the Marina Bay Sands Art trail. The club constantly aims to create camaderie amongst our creative minds and to develop an informed audience for the appreciation of the arts.

Our Vision & Mission

For students to be empowered by the arts to become confident, articulated and creative adults who will contribute as active citizens to the community.

To nurture a passion and foster self-confidence through the practice of the Arts.

Teacher(s)-in-charge and Training Schedule

Miss Ita Nursyahirah 
Mdm Han Li 
Mdm Khoo Ah Moi 
Ms Sitiya

Mr. Lee Soon Heng 

Training Schedule

School Terms
  • Friday: 2.00pm to 6.00pm 

Student Leaders


Thanathamcharee Chayaphorn 3A1
Cherlise Tan Qiao Lyn 4E1

Vice Chairperson

Nur Sakinah Binte Mohamed Khalid 3A1
Nur Alizza 4A1

Upper-Sec Executive Committee

Nur Sarah Binte Muhammad Yazid 3E1

Upper-Sec Committee Member 
Ranen Sim 3T2

Executive Committee
Muhammad Hairul Bin Mat Suri 2T1

Lower-Sec Committee Member 
Nur Alyssa Zuhrah 2E2

Lower-Sec Section / Group Leader 
Darwisy Bin Maso'od 2A1

Student Leadership and Training

Committee members are identified from various levels to provide a platform to develop their leadership skills. They are given opportunities to attend school based leadership workshop to hone their skills in managing and guiding the other Art Club members. During CCA, the committee members are given opportunities to plan and lead CCA fair, Sec 1 try-outs, Art Club orientation programme, bonding activities and school or external Art projects.

Our Achievements


Singapore Art Presentation -  Theme Motif Design Contest 2017 - 17 Certificate of Participation


Singapore Art Presentation -  Art Exhibition - 4 Certificate of Recognitions, 1 Certificate of Participation
6th SCCCE Art Award and Competition 2016 – 7 Certificates of Excellence


SCCCE SG50 Art Award and Competition - 5th
SG50 Mosaic Mural Design
CNB Anti-Drug Art Competition


Singapore Art Presentation -  Art Exhibition Certificate of Recognition