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Performing Arts

Ethnic Dance

"Ethnic Dance has taught me how to be creative and patient. Coming from a Malay dance background in primary school, I was taught to appreciate different kinds of genres in Damai Secondary. This inspired me to become a more creative dancer. For instance, I get to explore fusing different kinds of genres of dance. At the end of the day, the most important thing I've learnt though Ethnic Dance is to consistently improve and excel in whatever I do."

Norshazlynn Natasha Jeffry, 4E1 (2016)


"Guzheng has taught me many values. Teamwork is the most important value to me as unity is important for musical harmony. One way to support teamwork is to communicate often to one another to prevent misunderstanding amongst my teammates.

In addition, I learnt the importance of discipline because the juniors look up to us as role models."

Chan Rui Lin, Gratiae, 4E4 (2016)

Modern Dance ModernDance2016.JPG

"My most elating experience in the CCA was when we clinched a distinction in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2015. We had worked extremely hard for it and it paid off.

Being the President in Modern Dance gave me an opportunity to become a better leader of tomorrow."

Germaine Tan, 4E1 (2016)


"Being the Vice-President of Choir, I'm responsible and committed in leading my peers. I also gained confidence in my journey as I participated in many events such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF).

Although the CCA hours can be quite long, I still look forward to attending its activities because I love singing and I've many friends to make my experience more fun and enjoyable. I've never regretted choosing choir as my CCA!"

Jody Ho Zhi Yu, 4E3 (2016)

 Symphonic Band "As a leader of Damai Wind Band, I've learnt a lot over the past few years. Band has taught me to be disciplined, patient, farsighted and most importantly, committed.
​ ​

The band is also like a family to me. The bonds we've fostered and the skills we've acquired are fabulous and a great bonus to me. Ultimately, the band has shaped me into a person of courage and a person of character. I will never forget what I learnt from band."

Phyllis Poh Lay Suan, 4E1 (2016)