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Choir (Damai Voicez)



About Us

Damai Voicez has created many new voices among Damaians who have passion for singing. It has nurtured students and created strong bonds among them. 

For every 2 years, Damai will participate in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation for Choir, which gives every member a good and memorable learning experience. 

Damai Voicez has achieved several milestones over the years, clinching the Bronze Award at the SYF Central Judging for Choirs in the years 2005, 2007 and 2009, and Silver Award in the year 2011. 

To provide other platforms for our members gain more exposure prior to SYF and networking purposes, Damai Voicez had Exchange Programmes with Loyang, Riverside, Punggol and Bedok Green Secondary School in the month of March and April 2011 as well as public performances such as our bi-annual Singspiration 2013 and 2015, together with choirs from other schools.

During our weekly training sessions, the members learn a wide repertoire of musical pieces, ranging from Acapella, Asian Folk tunes, Contemporary works to Rhythm and Blues, constantly striving to improve their choral skills.

Our Vision & Mission

To develop passion for choral singing.
To build perseverance through training, performances and exchanges. 
To bring to the community a way to share beauty and peace through a high level of music making.

Teacher(s)-in-charge and Training Schedule

Ms Ivy Phong
Miss Anne Yong Mong Li
Miss Tay Yinmin 
Mdm Ong Hwee Chin 
Mdm Tao Ming Jin 
Mdm Nurmah

Training Schedule

School Terms
  • Monday: 2.45pm to 4.45pm 
  • Friday: 1.15pm to 3.15pm

Student Leaders


Lee Jia En 4E3
Charlyn Soh 4E5
Vice President Teo Yi Qing Jaylyn 4E1
Cherilyn Sng 4E6
Upper Secondary Executive Committee    Koh Xin Yun 4E2
Lee Xiu Wen 4A2
Upper Secondary Committee Members Low Kah Hui 4E2
Tan Rui Xuan Pearlyn 4E3
Cheong Yu En 4A5
Upper Secondary Section/Group Leaders Ho Shi TIng 4E5
Chan Wing Tei 4E1
Josabella Tan 4E5
Afrah Luthfiyah Bte Rosley 4E2
Jeslyn Teo 4E5
Student Conductor Kua Wei Wen 4E2

Student Leadership and Training 

Members who show potential leadership skills and abilities are identified and given opportunities to attend school leadership training workshops in order to further develop them, and they are subsequently given leadership roles and responsibilities in the executive committee to help the teachers in managing the team, especially guiding the junior members.



Singapore Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment 


Singapore Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment 


Singapore Arts Presentation - Certificate of Commendation 


SYF Central Judging - Silver Award


SYF Central Judging - Bronze Award