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Symphonic Band



About Us

Damai Symphonic Band or more affectionately known as Damai Windz by our members, is a symphonic band that caters to students’ interest in music and those who like to learn to play musical instruments. The band plays an extended repertoire with a variety of pieces that range from Classical to contemporary. Most of our members do not have prior knowledge in music and yet, they are able to master their instruments and competitively play different genres of music. This would not have been achievable without the guidance from our conductor, Mr Wong Yew Hon, our alumni members and the seniors.


With discipline, we will be passionate, skillful and committed musicians. 


Mr Alvin Ho 
Mr Leroy Lee
Mdm Chan Siew Lei 
Miss Chang Yuzhen
Miss Tan Chwee Kim 
Mr Pip Tang

Training Schedule

School Term
  • Monday: 3.00pm to 6.00pm 
  • Friday: 1.30pm to 6.00pm

Student Leaders

YEAR 2016/2017

Drum Major  Chan Ke Xin 4E4
Band MajorNg Hui Xin 4E2
Concert Mistress Tan Wen Xin 4E3
Assistant Secretary
Ong Isa 4E2
Natasha Ling En Qi 3E2
Quarter Master / Mistress
Jacelyn Tan Kah Min 4E4 Woodwinds
Lim Rui Xian Edward 4A1 Brasses & Percussion
Malcolm Tang Fai Yee 3A1
Head of Library
Assistant Head of Library
Lee Shu Min Denise 4E4
Koh Kai Zhi 3A1
Head of Welfare         
Assistant Head of Welfare
Zikry B Zulkarnain 3E3
Muhd Alfateh Adha B P R B 3E1
Head of Logistics       
Assistant Head of Logistics  
Yong Choon Shing 4E1
Multazam Shah Redha B S M 4T1

Student Leadership and Training

Members who show potential leadership skills and abilities are identified and given opportunities to shadow current leaders and additional responsibility to develop their potential. Those who display maturity and responsibility are subsequently given leadership roles and responsibilities in the committee to help the teachers in managing the resources of the band.



Singapore Arts Presentation -  Certificate of Accomplishment


Singapore International Band Festival - Bronze Award


Singapore Arts Presentation -  Certificate of Accomplishment


Singapore Arts Presentation -  Certificate of Accomplishment


Singapore Youth Festival -  Silver Award


Singapore International Band Festival - Silver Award


Singapore Youth Festival -  Silver Award