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Uniformed Groups

Boys Brigade "In Boys' Brigade, we develop sure and stedfast characters. I've also come to learn that planning is merely one part of the equation of carrying out an activity. The manner of its execution is equally important. For example, it is crucial to delegate the roles to responsible individuals to complete the task. The experience I've gained being a leader in the [Boys' Brigade] company' will be extremely useful in the future, especially in my work life."

Yang Mingyan, 4E2 (2016)
Girl Guides "Discipline was one word that I once dreaded. However after joining Girl Guides, I've learnt to be a very reilient person though hard work and discipline. I learnt not to give up easily whenever I encounter any obstacles. Due to this, I was elated and humbled to be appointed as the company leader of Girl Guides. Knowing that managing my fellow guiders is not an easy job, I can only succeed by being a good example and with the help of my able assistant leaders."

Darwisyah Bte Sham, 4E4 (2016)
National Cadet Corps "Responsibility, confidence and teamwork -- these words would aptly describe what I've learnt in NCC in the last 4 years. I'm glad that my tough physical training and weapon handling skills will prepare me well for my National Service in a few years' time. I'm pleased that I have chosen NCC as my CCA."

Muhammad Helfi Bin Ramli, 4A2 (2016)
National Police Cadet Crops "NPCC has helped me to be both mentally and physically stronger. Being in this CCA for four years has given me so many opportunities to grow in my character. I am also knowledgeable about different types of drugs and crimes. I like NPCC!"

Siti Raudhah Binte Mohd Latif, 4A1 (2016)
St John Ambulance Brigade SJAB2016.JPG " I'm very proud to be a part of St John. The activities of the CCA like marching and giving footdrill commands had taught me discipline, patience and endurance. I have a strong sense of accomplishment after participating in many competitions. I also learnt many first aid skills, like how to save lives through CPR and how to treat different types of wounds."

Ng Shu Ting, 4E2 (2016)