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National Cadet Corps 



About Us 

Damai NCC was formed when Damai Sec started in 1995. Since then, it has achieved many accomplishments like getting the Silver award in the Best Unit Competition. Our goal is to provide a holistic and enriching experience for our Cadets, and to develop them to become Committed, Competent, and Compassionate leaders. 


To work towards our goal, cadets will attend training twice a week.


Junior and Senior Cadets (Lower Secondary) will attend a Monday training conducted by Teacher Officers. This is a light Physical Training (PT) session running from 2.15pm to 3.45 pm. The PT session aims to:


1) strengthen our cadets’ bonding within the unit,

2) strengthen our cadets’ sense of belonging,

3) strengthen our cadets’ ability to manage the various stations in the NAPFA test,

4) provide opportunities for the cadets to find meaning in the CCA through conversations among themselves and with the Teacher Officers.


Cadet Leaders and Senior Cadet Leaders (Upper Secondary) will attend a Monday meeting guided by Teacher Officers. The session runs from 2.45pm – 4.15pm. The objective of this session is to provide time for our Cadet Leaders to plan the subsequent training sessions, as well as to rehearse their plans. Such sessions allow our Cadet Leaders to exercise and develop their skills in teamwork, leadership, and planning.


All cadets will attend a combined Friday Training. This training typically comprises of:


1) learning and executing foot drill/arms drill,

2) physical fitness activities or games, for team bonding as well as to build up our Cadets’ fitness,

3) Individual Field Craft (IFC) training, and

4) Basic military/SAF knowledge.


Training is usually led by our Cadet Leaders, Senior Cadet Leaders (Upper Secondary students), in collaboration with Cadet Officers (Alumni trained and commissioned by HQ NCC) under our Teacher Officers’ supervision.


Besides in-school trainings, HQ NCC, situated in Amoy Quee Camp, conducts activities such as Camp Steel, Specialist Assessment, Camp Forge, Orienteering Competition, etc. to unite the various schools' cadets together to encourage mutual learning and to excel via friendly competition, as well as to share their training experience. On special occasions, there may trainings scheduled during the weekends by HQ NCC.


Our Core Values

  1. Loyalty to Country 
  2. Uprightness 
  3. Leadership & Discipline 
  4. Commitment & Responsibility
  5. Care for Fellow Cadets 
  6. Adventurous Spirit
  7. Safety

Key Thrusts

  1. Leadership
  2. Fitness
  3. Commitment to Singapore

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: Extraordinary Youth Leaders.
Mission: To nurture inspiring leaders and committed citizens through fun, adventurous and military-related activities.


Mr Kang Zhi Qiang
Mr Phoa Yew Hui 
Ms Lenny Marlina
Miss Choo Weilin
Mr Gerard Yong
Mr Lim Zhenghong

Training Schedule

Junior Cadets and Senior Cadets (Lower Secondary)
Mondays 2.15pm - 3.45pm 

Cadet Leaders and Senior Cadet Leaders (Upper Secondary)
Mondays 2.45pm - 4.15pm

All Cadets
Friday 2.30 pm – 6 pm

Student Leaders 2017

Student Leaders 2016/2017
Unit Sergeant Major (USM)
 - MSG Shawn Tan (4E2)
Assistant Sergeant Major (ASM) - MSG Tan Hong Zhan (4T1) 

Student Leaders 2017/2018

To be announced. 

Student Leadership Development and Training

The Lower Secondary PT sessions provides opportunities for the Senior Cadets (Sec 2) to role model and lead by example for the Junior Cadets (Sec 1). The interactions between the Senior and Junior Cadets in those sessions allow for active reflection by Senior Cadets regarding their past experiences as Junior Cadets. The desired outcome for our Senior Cadets is for them to develop into Committed and Compassionate Leaders.

The Upper Secondary meetings aims to develop the soft skills like teamwork and empathy when the Cadet Leaders (Sec 3) and Senior Cadet Leaders (Sec 4 and Sec 5) plan for and execute the Combined Training on Fridays. The desired outcome for our Cadet Leaders and Senior Cadet Leaders is for them to develop not only to be Committed and Compassionate Leaders, but also to be Competent in what they do through resilience and hard work.

Structurally, there are also several other platforms, supported by the School or HQ NCC, which provides leadership training for our Cadets annually:

  • CCA Leader Workshop (for Sec 2 CCA leader candidates)
  • Advanced Drill Course (for Sec 3 Unit Drill Supernumerary candidate)
  • Specialist Assessment (for promotion to 3SG in Sec 3)
  • Senior Specialist Leader Course (for promotion to SSG in Sec 3) (USM/ASM candidates inclusive)
  • Pinnacle Challenge (during SSC) (conditions apply)

For alumni who have attained the rank of SSG or above and are keen to continue contributing to NCC after graduation, NCC HQ also conducts an annual Cadet Officer Course (COC). Candidates need to have met the following criteria:

  • Be accepted into a Post-Secondary Education Institution
  • Graduated from the Senior Specialist (Leader) Course (SSG)
  • Passed the Army-NCC Badge Test in Sec 3
  • Be medically and physically fit (IPPT score > 59 points)
  • Be recommended by Unit CO and District Commander

Upon graduation from the COC, the newly commissioned Cadet Officers will then be officially deployed to lead certain activities in the Units, and assist the Teacher Officers in running the CCA.

Alumni may also apply to HQ NCC to serve as interns before they go on to JC/Poly/ITE.

More information can be found on the official NCC website http://www.ncc.org.sg 



Best Unit Competition (WY 2016) - Silver
Annual Kayaking Expedition - Proceed to the Second Round 
MINDEF Pride Day Project 2017- 3rd Place (Presenter : SSG Low Dong En 3E3 & SSG Sean Toh 3E2)


Best Unit Competition (WY 2015) - Silver
Outstanding Cadet Award - MSG Lee Jie Xuan