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St. John Ambulance Brigade



About Us

SJAB Damai Sec. Corps is part of SJAB Brigade Zone 10. It comprises two units, namely Nursing unit for girls and Ambulance unit for boys. Besides the drill and leadership training of a uniform group, SJAB specialises in first aid. 


First-aiders are qualified through a series of training and certifications. These include Basic First Aid, Adult First Aid, Heart-Saver, CPR-AED (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation – Automated External Defribillator) and BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support). Certified members are deployed in public events which require first-aiders. The technical training and experiences gained provide members with a critical life-skill and also prepare them for a career in the health industry.

Our motto is Numquam Solus which means 'No one gets left behind.'

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is promote first-aid practices and work towards an average of 1 trained first aider in each class.

Teacher(s)-in-charge and Training Schedule

Mr Donovan Leong
Mdm Siti Hawa
Miss Nur Diyana
Mdm Helen Foo

Training Schedule 

School Term

  • Friday: 2.30pm to 6.00pm
  • Saturdays (Only selected Saturdays for HQ events)

Student Leaders

Committee 2016/2017

Chairperson: Ysabel (4E2) 
Vice-chair: Mercy (4E1) 
Vice-chair: Xin Yi (4E1) 
First aid IC: Yu Xuan (4E1) 
Footdrill IC: Chaw Su (4A2) 
Logistics IC: Natalie (3E3) 
Public Duty IC: Adlyna (4E2) 
Games IC: Xiang Yi (4E1) 
Games Assistant: Sulaiman (4T1) 
Admin IC: Esther (4E2) 

Alumni Helpers
Wai Gie
KengHui Jonathan 
Swee Kok
Eugene See
Ching Wee
Dequan Beni



Corp Individual Others
2012Corp Achievement Award Bronze
Unicorn Badge - Ng De Quan 3A3
2013 Corp Achievement Award Bronze

Most Improved Corp in Zone 10
Commissioner Award - Ng De Quan 4A3

Book prize (Zone 10) - Eugene See 4E1

Most Outstanding NCO (Zone 10) - Tara Andrews 4A1
2014 Corp Achievement Award Silver

Innovative Creative Care - 2nd

Most Improved Corp in Zone 10

Highest Collection in Flag Day - 9th
Commissioner Badge- Tara Andrews 5A1

Unicorn Badge - Tara Andrews 5A1

Book prize (Zone 10) - Ng De Quan 5A2

Most Outstanding NCO (Zone 10) - Ho Ching Wee 4E1
ANCO camp - Hosting School 
2015 Corp Achievement Award Silver

NUS Code Blue - 5th

Damai Secondary Combined UG day - 1st

Most Improved Corp in Zone 10

Dispatcher - Assisted First Responder
Programme - Bronze

Highest Collection on Flag Day - 2nd

Kindness Award Gold
Unicorn badge - Amelia 3E2, Shi Hui 5A1, Rahman 4E1 , Jonathan 4E2, Mardiah 3A3, Sabrina 5A2, Benjamin 3E4

Commissioner Badge - Amelia 3E2, Shi Hui 5A1, Rahman 4E1, Jonathan 4E2, Mardiah 3A3, Benjamin 3E4

SG50 Youth Celebrate marching contingent - Izzati 3T1

Book prize (Zone 10) - Rahman 4E1

Most Outstanding NCO (Zone 10) - Jonathan Tye 4E2
Zone 10 CNY celebration organiser (with Catholic High)

Damai Secondary National Day Observance Guard of Honour
2016 Corp Achievement Award Gold

NDP marching contingent - Adlyna 3E2, Merylene 2E3

International Cadet Camp (Hong Kong) Participant

DARE Instructors in Really Really Free Market
2017 Corp Achievement Award Silver