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Our Young Alumni

Class of 2011 - Jazmin Quek

"It's not about studying just to get the cert, you have to focus on what you want to achieve at the end of it, question 'why', and then you'll naturally want to study. It's passion and dedication that will keep you motivated and help you excel at what you are doing"

Muhammad Saiful Bin Rosli

"The key to success is to work hard and smart. Make sure you understand every single thing that is being taught in class, and go back home with your mind free from doubts. If you cannot catch up fast enough in class, it is perfectly fine. Just clear your doubts as soon as you can with the help from your teachers, before you start focusing on other topics. When it’s time to relax and enjoy, go on and carry out your activities. When it’s time to study, get yourself focused and study. And lastly if I may share, remember that a bright future is not only derived from good qualifications, but also from a positive attitude and character. No amount of words can justify my gratitude to the teachers in Damai Secondary School, who have groomed me well and bring me to where I am today. With that, I shall end by wishing Damai Secondary School all the success in school and future endeavours."