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PSG archives

PSG 2017 Activities

PSG Baking Workshop

Before commencing the 3rd PSG meeting held on 16 September, Mdm Alyona conducted a workshop on baking Russian apple pie.



PSG Fund Raising Activities

Annual Bazaar organised by PSG to raise fund for needy students and support school programmes.

Annual Bazaar.jpg
Annual Bazaar1.jpg

Parents and teachers preparing the prizes and merchandise on Saturday for the bazaar.

Annual Bazaar2.jpg

Annual Bazaar3.jpg

Damai Secondary School 23rd Speech & Prize Presentation Day on 08 April

1.jpgPSG members lending their support during
Damai Speech & Prize Presentation Day. 

2.jpgMr Alvin Lim (President) receiving his
PSG 4-year Long Service Award.

3.jpgMr Shahrin receiving his PSG 4-year
Long Service Award.
4.jpgMr Alvin Lim receiving a photo montage of the PSG Exco members with their families from Mr Chow.


CCA Fair Day on 07 January

CCA Fair 2017.jpgTalk by Debbie.jpg

A Coffee Session with Sec 1 Parents – organised by PSG.            Transition from Primary School to Secondary School: A talk                                                                                                 by school counsellor Ms Debbie Ng.

Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebration on 27 January

CNY 2017.jpgParents joined the school to celebrate CNY in the traditional Prosperity Toss, also known as ‘Lo Hei’.

First PSG Meeting on 18 February

1st PSG Mtg.jpg1st PSG Mtg2.jpg

Our Principal, Mr Chow, gave an update of school merger happening in 2018, Damai Concert 2017 @Esplanade Theatre and shared parental tips from his personal experience.

Group Photo w Teachers.jpg

A group photograph of PSG and teacher liaisons after the 1st PSG Meeting.

Back row from left: Miss Tan Chwee Kim (Chief Teacher Liaison), Mdm Sidah (Well-being Coordinator), Mdm Surina Lim (Member), Mdm Jasmine Wong (Member), Mdm Gladys Neo (Member), Mdm Khadijah (Member), Mdm Noraidah (Member), Mdm Aloyna (Member), Mdm Mila (Member) Mdm Genevieve Goo (Member), Mr Keng Meng (Member)

Centre row from left: Mr Lee Chee Weng (Teacher Liaison), Mdm Hartini (Teacher Liaison), Mdm Fiona Han (Photographer & Retreat Coordinator), Mdm Celia Low (Well-being Coordinator), Mdm Sally Chee (Member), Mdm Radiah (Retreat Coordinator)

Front row from left: Mdm Faizah (Advisor), Mdm Yat Swee Eng (Vice-President), Mr Alvin Lim (President), Mdm Noriah (Vice-President) and Mr Garry Ching (Treasurer)

PSG 2016 Activities

Support of school activities
Damai PSG continued to support the school, even contributing financially and materially for Graduation Night.



PSG 2015 Activities

Support of school activities
Damai PSG has participated and helped out in school activities such as Sports Carnival and Chinese New Year. The PSG was even interviewed by Channel News Asia

2015 Sports Carnival @Meridian JC_25_Jul.JPG



2015 Fund Raising Bazaar for the Needy Students
Fund Raising Bazaar for the needy students of Damai Secondary School is a meaningful annual event lead by the Parent Support Group. It is held for 2 days in the school canteen. During these 2 days, there are sale of stationery, candies and chocolates at special prices. The highlight of each day the exciting game, Tikam Tikam, a type of traditional game many Singaporeans played in the 60s and 70s when there was no computer games and handheld games. The most preferred prizes in this game are the soft toys. All proceeds from the 2-day event go to supporting the needy students in their learning in school. 

A few weeks before this event, the PSG leaders, Mdm Noriah and Mdm Yat Swee Eng and the rest of PSG parents would actively source for sponsorship of items to be used for sale and game prizes. The preparation for the bazaar begins soon after the collection of items from the sponsors. When the PSG leaders request for assistance in packing in their common Whatsapp chat group, parents would immediately volunteer. They come together on a Saturday to sort out and pack the items. It is heartwarming to see a few parents bringing family members along to help. 

Thank you parents for your continued support! Your effort will go a long way in support students in their education. 

Thank you Staff and Students of Damai for making this event a success. Thank you!