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This page is dedicated to updating students on the latest information on Damai Secondary.

Student Council Information

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"It has been such an honour to have been elected the President of our school’s Student Council. The Student Council comprises a group of students with leadership qualities and to lead them is a very important role. I will certainly serve and lead the Council to the best of my ability.  

In my term as the President of the Council, I hope that I will leave an impact on the Council as well as on the Student Body. Together with my team, I will endeavour to make our time in Damai  memorable. I am certain that with the support of my team, I can make a difference in Damai. Our school inculcates in us the values of Compassion, Commitment and Competence. My team and I will strive to be the embodiment of these values. The 23rd Council will serve the school with nothing less than our very best. 

Serving as the President of the 23rd Council will undoubtedly be a very exciting journey for me and I look forward to working alongside my councillors, peers and teachers to make Damai soar."

3E3, 2017
President of the 23rd Student Council

Farewell Speech from the President of the 22nd Student Council

"Good morning, school leaders, teachers and my fellow Damaians. As you may know, I am Jit Sheng, the President of the 22nd Student Council.

Today, most of all, I am glad that all of us have made it this far despite encountering countless obstacles and jumping through numerous hoops. All the trials that we have had to endure have pushed us beyond our limits and moulded us into who we are today.

Do you still remember my first speech last year? I sure do. When I heard and saw all of you laughing at me as I spoke, I was stunned but I had to maintain my composure. Soon after that, I could not stop asking myself what had gone wrong. I started to question whether I was a suitable candidate for the Presidency of the Student Council. I really felt defeated. Even though you might not have had the exact same experience but you would have had the same feelings. I believe you would have asked yourself, “Am I capable? Am I deserving? What if I don’t do well? What if people laugh at me? Will it be better if I just gave up now and save myself the embarrassment?” However, the thing is this, often, we surprise ourselves. I know I have. We must always remember that setbacks are part of the package and that we should never question our own potential.

With that, may I invite all of you to join me in thanking our teachers who have been our silent supporters, egging us on and nudging us forward."

4E2, 2017
President of the 22nd Student Council