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English Language & Literature


A community of competent and confident communicators.

Department Profile


Mrs. Sulina Pereira

Subject Head

Mdm. Siti Haryani Ramlan

Senior Teacher

Ms. Tan Chwee Kim


Mdm. Mariam Anuar

English / Literature

Ms. Premani Logaraj
Miss Rachael Ng Man Ling

English / Retail Operation

Mr. Sidek Terimoh

English / Science

Ms. Rachel Koh Yu Lin

English / EBS

Ms. Adeline Chan

English / Humanities

Ms. Abigail Tan Han Ying


Ms. Shawaleeza Murial

Literature / Humanities

Mrs. Michelle Ng                              

Syllabus Description and Assessment Guidelines

Syllabus Description

The English Syllabus focuses on building a strong language foundation and enriching language learning for all students.  It encourages a systematic approach to language teaching, emphasising on grammar and spoken English.  In addition, it utilises rich texts and a variety of language resources, enabling pupils to appreciate the language beyond the classroom.

Assessment Guidelines

Express Stream

Normal Academic Stream

Normal Technical Stream

Paper 1 (Writing):

- 70m (35%)

Paper 2 (Comprehension):         - 50m (35%)

Paper 3 (Listening):                  - 30m (10%)

Paper 4 (Oral)

(Only for Upper Sec):

- 30m (20%)

Paper 1 (Writing):

- 70m (35%)

Paper 2 (Comprehension):         - 50m (35%)

Paper 3 (Listening):                   - 30m (10%)

Paper 4 (Oral)

(Only for Upper Sec):

- 30m (20%)


Paper 1 (Writing):

- 60m (30%)

Paper 2 (Comprehension):         - 80m (40%)

Paper 3 (Listening):                   - 20m (10%)

Paper 4 (Oral)

(Only for Upper Sec):

- 40m (20%)



·         GCE ‘N’ Level 2016 – 100% passes

·         National Public Speaking Competition (2016) – 12th and 8th

·         Literature Festival 2016

        - First in Debate

        - Second in Choral Reading

Department Events

Latest Happenings!

  • Inter-Class EL Games
  • Movie Screenings

Resources & References

Silent Reading Resources

China Gets Ready.doc
Eugenio Monti.doc
Olympic Youth Camp.doc
One World One Dream.doc
Reflections of a Winner.doc
Team Singapore.doc
The Official Mascots.doc
Wilma Rudolph - Anything is Possible.doc

Olympic Podcasting

A sample of our podcasting programme to encourage oral skills and speech.

Fatimah (5A2)

Nicholas (5A2)

Model Essays

A sample of our students' work. Expository Essay. Descriptive Essay.
Phrases for Persuasive Writing.

Model Essay - Descriptive Essay.doc
Model Essay - Expository Essay.doc
Phrases for Persuasive Writing.doc

Guidelines on Oral Examination

Guidelines on Oral Examination 2017.ppt