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Mathematics / EBS / POA / RO


Every child is a self-directed learner and creative problem solver.


To provide quality education that promotes learning as an exciting, independent and life long activity.

Curriculum Initiatives for 2017

Sec 1

—Design and implementation of Learning Experience (LE) activities 
—Varied modes of instruction
—Foundation Math Programme

Sec 2

—Enhancement and implementation of Learning Experience (LE) activities 
—Varied modes of instruction

Sec 3

—Leverage of IT (Graphic calculator, videos, IT-based learning)
—IT-based learning (Acelearning Portal)

Sec 4/5

—Academic excellence
(Focused-instruction program, Afternoon revision, Differentiated lessons, Videos)

The Department

The Mathematics Department works towards students being able to apply mathematics concepts and skills. We want to develop our students to be effective problem solvers and to equip them with the ability to think critically. They can then communicate their ideas and thoughts using appropriate mathematics concepts and strengthen their mathematical process skills as well.

At the lower secondary level, students learn through the broad-based mathematics curriculum covering a wide range of concepts, skills and processes in order to engage and develop their foundation in numeracy. At the upper secondary level, students do a more in-depth study into various strands, going beyond examination syllabus to make the connections between mathematics with other subjects and finally the real world. 

The curriculum emphasizes strong student engagement and participation in learning activities that help maximise their learning. Through the various learning activities and differentiated teaching strategies, the department imbues in students a passion for Mathematics and also opportunities to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Some of our key programmes include: 

1) Foundation Mathematics Programme 

2) Learning Experience(LE) activities 

3) Talent development programme (NSW and other subject-based competition) 

4) IT-infused curriculum (Acelearning portal, Asknlearn portal, ISPL packages) 

5) Bridging and afternoon revision programme 

Teachers designed and incorporated Learning Experience (LE) activities into the curriculum to allow the Secondary 1, 2 and 3 students to apply key mathematical concepts into real world situation and develop their critical thinking skills. Students have to do research, build models, estimate their budget and do a presentation to explain their findings. 

As part of the school’s directive to incorporate ICT into the curriculum to facilitate 21 st century skills and to promote self-directed learning, our Secondary 3 students will need to login to Acelearning, an online portal where teachers create lesson packages and quizzes on selected topics for the students to access and do self-directed learning at home. Teachers will be able to track the students’ usage reports and monitor their progress. 

Calculating the height of the highest peak ... Mount Everest.jpg
 Mrs Loke giving some pointers to the group a Learning Experience activity.jpg Working collaboratively to solve a problem.jpg
  Hands on activity on pyramid 2..JPG

Staff List & Email Address

Head of Department (HOD) Mrs. Stephanie Yong
Level Head Mrs. Lee Pei Kee
E Math Coordinators Mr. Leroy Lee (Sec 1)
Mrs. Wong Ming Yi (Sec 2)
Miss Marilyn Foo (Secondary 3)
Ms. Ivy Phong (Secondary 4/5)
Elements of Business Skills 
(EBS) Teachers

Mdm. Adeline Chan
Maths Teachers Miss Lee Ley Har
Mrs. Lee Pei Kee
    Mr.  Ahmad Shalehin
Mrs. Ang Hwee Bin 
Ms. Ivy Phong
 Mr. Lim Jing Kai
Mr. Chen Jing Yang
Mr. Lim Zhenghong
Miss Marilyn Foo
Ms. Chua Hui Qi
Mrs. Stephanie Yong
Mdm. Tety Suzanna
Mrs. Wong Ming Yi
Mr. Law Andy
Mr. Leroy Lee
 Mr. Muhammad Fazly Bin Abdul Rahman
Mr. Donovan Leong
Elements of Business Skills
(EBS) Teachers
Mdm. Adeline Chan
Mdm. Tety Suzanna
Principal if Accounting
(POA) Teachers
Miss Joyce Yap
Mr. Lee Chee Weng
Miss Cristy Therese Lin
Mr. Ong Chye Kee    
Retail Operations
(RO)  Teachers
Mr. Chen Jing Yang        
 Mr. Sidek Terimoh
 Miss Cristy Therese Lin

Overview of Instructional Programmes/ Non Instructional Programmes

  • Afternoon Remediation Programme
  • Sec 1 Normal Academic Foundation Mathematics Programme
  • Professional Learning Teams 
  • Learning Experience Activities
  • Bridging Programme



GCE N Level Results Analysis

Secondary 4 Normal Academic% Pass
E. Maths97.3 (above National Average)
A. Maths 88.9 (above  National Average)
Principles of Accounts85.3 
Secondary 4 Normal Technical% Pass
E. Maths80.6 (above National Average)
Elements of Business Skills100 (above National Average)


GCE O Level Results Analysis

Secondary 4 Express % Pass
E. Maths 90.4
A. Maths 97.1 (above National Average)
Principles of Accounts 97.4 (above National Average)
Secondary 5 Normal Academic % Pass
E. Maths 66.7 (above National Average)
A. Maths 92.9 (above National Average)
Principles of Accounts 93.5 (above National Average)

GCE N Level Results Analysis

Secondary 4 Normal Academic % Pass Distinction
E. Maths 97.4 (above National Average) 34.2 (above National Average) 
A. Maths 94.4 (above National Average)
Principles of Accounts 85.7 38.1 (above National Average)
Secondary 4 Normal Technical % Pass
E. Maths 78.1
Elements of Business Skills 83.8