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Physical Education


Physically active, healthy & socially integrated pupils.


To work as a cohesive team with stakeholders to provide quality curriculum & delivery, valuing and nurturing everyone to be resilient lifelong participants in physical activity.

Staff List & Email Address

Year Head (Lower Sec) Mr. Ng We Keat
Subject Head (PE & CCA) Ms. Teo Swee Wah (Mrs. Ng)
Teachers Mr. Andy Law
Mr. Khor Chek Leong
Mr. Muhammad Ismail Bin Rosli
 Mr. Muhammad Fazly Abdul Rahman 
 School Programme ExecutiveMiss Nursaliza Bte Mohamed Shiddek 

Syllabus Description

Students undergo a 4/5-year PE programme with emphasis on acquisition of games knowledge, skills and concepts, outdoor education and also fitness principles. 

Students are exposed to a variety of Territorial-invasion, Net-barrier/wall and Striking-fielding games, allowing them to appreciate the conceptual nuances of the games. In Sec 4, pupils make use of these games experiences to create original and interesting games which they showcase and coach to their peers. This module encourages teamwork and creativity, transforming learning towards teacher-facilitated but student-driven. The yearly inter-class sports competition is also a platform where students will be able to apply their acquired games knowledge, skils and concepts. 

With the inclusion of Outdoor Education in new PE syllabus, students will be able to understand more about the environment as they learn to navigate, assess risks and make decisions about their own safety, while enjoying the outdoors. 

Students are also exposed to yearly progressive Physical Health and Fitness modules. Components of fitness, diet and stress management are taught in the first three years. In Sec 4, pupils utilize the knowledge learnt to formulate their own fitness training plan.

Assessment Guidelines

Started in 2009, PE assessment grades have been reflected in the end-of-year result slips alongside the other IP & non-IP subjects. With the introduction of new PE syllabus in 2014, new batch of students from 2014 and after will be having PE results reported in modules. 

Sec 1: Outdoor Education (Portfolio), Swimming Award, Physical Health and Fitness (Portfolio), Basketball (Theory &      

Sec 2: Outdoor Education (Portfolio), Kayak 1-Star Award, Physical Health and Fitness (Portfolio), NAPFA, Football (Practical)

Sec 3: Outdoor Education (Portfolio), Physical Health and Fitness (Portfolio), Softball (Theory & Practical)

Sec 4: Creative Games Assessment, NAPFA, Physical Health and Fitness (Portfolio)

Sec 5: Modular Sports (non-assessable), NAPFA, Physical Health and Fitness (Portfolio)

Overview of Instructional Programmes/ Non Instructional Programmes

Please click PE SOW 2017.pdfto download the overview

Enrichment Programmes

Learning for Life Programme - Character, Citizenship and Leadership Development through Water Sports 

  • Sec 1 – Swimming Certification
  • Sec 2 – Kayak 1-Star Certification
  • Sec 3 – Dragonboat Exposure 
  • Sec 4 – Water Sports Elective Modules (Sailing, Wind-surfing, Scuba diving, Flowrider, Stand up paddling, Flippa Ball, Kayak 2-Star etc)



East Zone Sports Development Committee (EZSDC) Sports Carnival 2016
Basketball (Girls) - 4th 

Basketball (Boys) - 4th 

Floorball (Girls) -  3rd 

Floorball (Boys) - 1st 
Frisbee (Girls) - 3rd

Frisbee (Boys) - 4th
Handball (Girls) - 3rd