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Co-Curriculum (SDT & CCE)

Student Development Team (SDT) & Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Committee


School & Level Outcomes

School Outcome

Committed, Competent & Compassionate Leaders

Level Outcomes

Sec 1
I am Confident!
Sec 2 
 I am a Team Player!
Sec 3 
 I am a Leader!
Sec 4/5 
 I am a Change Agent!    
Demonstrate commitment and compassion to self and family and have the competency in managing oneself    
Demonstrate commitment to school, compassion for friends and have the competency in relating to others
Demonstrate commitment and compassion to the community and have the competency in leading others.    
Demonstrate commitment and compassion to the nation and have the competency to influence others positively.


The Co-Curriculuim

The co-curriculum is integral to the holistic development of students. Through the Co-Curriculum, Damaians are provided with varied and authentic opportunities to develop their character and citizenry. The Co-Currirulum is anchored on values which determine Damaian's beliefs and attitudes towards life, the people around him and the world at large. The curriculum will equip Damaians with the right attitude, knowledge and skills, developing each student to be a self-directed learner, a confident person, a concerned citizen and an active contributor. 

The co-curriculum anchors on school values (FAITH) and 21st century core values (R3ICH) , provides Damaians with a nurturing school experience through the explicit teaching of knowledge & skills for character, citizenship and student leadership development. 

Damaians will also enjoy a vibrant school experience through experiential learning in the key domains of Co-curricular Activities (CCAs), Learning for Life Programme (LLP) through Water Sports, Values In Action (VIA) Projects, Aesthetics Programmes, Level-Wide Enrichment & Lifeskills Programmes. 

The Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons and these learning experiences are mapped out to allow a broad, varied and developmental approach towards acquiring the school's defined values, attitude, knowledge and skills, hence, achieving the level outcomes of "I am confident", "I am a team player", "I am a leader" and "I am a change agent"

The holistic development of Damaians is well-supported by building strong teacher-student relationship, home and community engagement. 

CCE Vision & Internal Processes

Leaders of good character with a sense of belonging to school and nation  

Internal Process 1: Develop character & leadership through CCE, LLP & CCA
Internal Process 2: Develop committed citizens through CE & VIA programmes

Student Development Team (SDT)


Mrs. Santha Sreekumar

Lower Sec Year Head

Mr. Ng We Keat

Upper Sec Year Head

Mrs. Jackie Chan


Ms. Lee Ley Har

SH CCE (Internal)

Ms. Nurmin Ahmad

Sec 2 Assistant Year Head

Ms. Nur Diyana Osman

Sec 3 Assistant Year Head & SH PE/CCA

Mrs. Ng-Teo Swee Wah

Sec 4 Assistant Year Head & SH Student Leadership

Mr. Lim Jing Kai

Operations Manager

Mr. Khairilanuar



Case Management Coordinator

Mdm. Choo Lee Ming

School Counsellors (SC)

Ms. Debbie Ng


Mrs. Judy Goh

Teacher Counsellors (TC)

Mdm. Nurul Ain


Mdm. Nurain

Teachers Trained in Special Needs (TSN)

Mrs. Jackie Chan


Mdm. Koh Meng Geok


Mdm. Zainab


Mdm. Tan Chwee Kim


Mdm. Siti Hawa


Mdm. Siti Haryani



Student Leadership & Learning for Life

Mr. Lim Jing Kai (IC)


Mr. Lim Zhenghong


Mdm. Tety Suzanna


Ms. Catherine Chua


Ms. Premani Minashi Logaraj


Mr. Fazly


Mr. Andy Law


Mr. Lim Chee Koon


Mdm. Haryani (VPA CCA Coordinator)


Ms. Nurmin Ahmad (UG CCA Coordinator)


Mrs. Isabel Mendoza (Sports CCA Coordinator)



Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Committee


Ms. Lee Ley Har

SH CCE (Internal)

Ms. Nurmin Ahmad



Assembly & Homeroom (AS/HR)

Ms. Nurmin Ahmad


Ms. Nur Diyana Osman



Cyber Wellness (CW)

Mdm. Adeline Chan


Ms. Rachel Koh



Education & Career Guidance (ECG)

Mr. Justin Thong (IC)


Mr. Chan Yong Hong



Sexuality Education (SEd)

Mdm. Rahmayani Fitri


Ms. Michelle Lim



Values In Action (VIA)

Ms. Abigail Tan (IC)


Ms. Cristy Therese Lin (2IC)

Mdm. Siti Hawa

Ms. Candy Zhang

Mr. Chen Jingyang



Citizenship Education (CE)

Mdm. Imelda Norazlina Zulkefle (IC)

Mr. Chong Wensheng (2IC)

Mr. Goh Hong Fei

Mr. Tan Wei Zhi

Ms. Ita Nursyahirah


Mr. Leroy Lee


Mr. Benjamin Seethor


Ms. Catherine Chua


Mr. Muhammad Ismail Rosli



Achievements and Awards

National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA)

Edusave Character Awards

Development Award for Character Development

Outstanding Development Award National Education

President’s National Social Services Award Finalist

Outstanding Development Award National Education

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