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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Developing Committed, Competent and Compassionate Leaders through Water Sports
When our school was conferred the Niche status in 2013 for ‘Damai Water Sports Niche’, it was the result of 4 years of envisioning, planning, executing and reviewing the school’s unique signature programme. In 2014, with the enhanced focus on providing development opportunities to all students in helping them find purpose in life, hone their social and emotional competencies, connect with others and contribute to society, the school’s niche area transited successfully into the Learning for Life Programme ‘Developing Committed, Competent and Compassionate Leaders through Water Sports’.

The LLP is aligned to the school’s vision and mission of nurturing students who are committed, competent and compassionate leaders. By integrating the approaches in CCE, leadership development and water sports, students will learn and develop through connecting the water sports experiences with the implicit and explicit values learnt in the CCE and leadership programmes. These values will also be reinforced constantly through the PE programme, which is aligned to the new PE syllabus introduced in 2014 as well as through Sports CCAs and Inter-House Sports Activities.


Broad-based development
The programme consists of broad-based development for all students as well as targeted development for selected students. This tiered approach in the design of the programme seeks to develop leadership competencies at different levels with age-appropriate activities and training on values, attitudes, knowledge and skills (VAKS).

The tiered approach to the programme is described in the table below:
Leadership Focus & Outcome
Water Sport / Level Programme
Sec 1
Handling Transition
Developing Winning Habits
Self-Management & Leadership
Leadership is Influence
Teaming with Others and Building Class & House Cohesion

‘I am Confident’

Sec 1 Leadership Workshop

Sec 1 Camp
Sec 2
Leadership is Actioning your influence through the 4Cs
(Character, Connection, Competence & Commitment)

‘I am a Team Player’
Kayak 1-Star

Sec 2 Leadership Workshop

Sec 2 Adventure Camp
Sec 3
Developing Damaians into Committed, Competent and Compassionate Leaders

‘I am a Leader’
Dragon Boat Exposure

Sec 3 VIA - Kallang Waterways Cleanup

Sec 3 Adventure Camp / Sec 3 Overseas VIA (from 2016 onwards)
Sec 4
Leading through having High Expectations of and Aspirations for oneself
Making informed decisions

‘I am a Change Agent’
- Flow Rider
- Scuba Diving
- Stand Up Paddling
- Windsurfing


Encouraging higher interest & ability
With the previous niche focusing on a broad-based water sports exposure and performance excellence in the school’s Canoeing and Dragon Boat CCAs, all students were able to benefit from better training equipment, quality coaching, exposure to more competition opportunities and leadership developmental activities and training conducted level-wide. The LLP continues to encourage higher interest and ability in water sports amongst the students.

Infusion of programme into curriculum & co-curriculum
The cohort water sports programmes’ learning are crystallised through active reflection during CCE lessons and captured in the pupils’ reflection log in their CCE booklets. The LLP is also strategically positioned as a Citizenship Education (CE) initiative anchored on the ‘Singapore Water Story (SWS)’, to drive home the message that water is a critical resource for Singapore. The SWS theme not only helps to create a distinctive identity for the school, but also create a meaningful and holistic learning platform for our pupils to appreciate the history and future of Singapore’s very own ‘water story’. All cohort leadership and water sports programmes are conducted in conjunction with accompanying NE SWS lessons during home room periods. Furthermore, the Sec 3 VIA – Kallang Waterways Cleanup provides the platform for experiential learning and is conducted after school hours.

The new PE syllabus introduced in 2014, also provides another platform for the reinforcement of the values learnt through the LLP. The school’s adoption of the Sport Education Model in the delivery of the new PE syllabus, especially for the Games & Sports modules, ensures transference of the VAKS across different sports and provides leadership opportunities through the different roles students assume, thus reinforcing the values propagated through the LLP.

This ‘head, heart and hands’ approach equips every student with water survival skills and a concomitant understanding of the need to appreciate water as a key resource for Singapore. It also equips our students with values and skills to become Committed, Competent and Compassionate Leaders steeped in the 21 st Century Competencies.

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Direct School Admission (DSA)
The Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) exercise provides us with the opportunity to admit students with prerequisites and talent in our niche area of Character, Citizenship & Leadership Development through Water Sports.

This niche area aims to build character, citizenship and leadership , as well as equip our students with basic water sports and water survival skills. All students admitted through the DSA-Sec exercise will graduate from Damai Secondary with a Swimming certification, a Kayak 1-Star award, a Dragonboat exposure experience and an experience in either flow riding, stand up paddling, scuba diving or windsurfing. They will also undergo a developmental leadership training programme to hone their character and leadership abilities through the water sports and leadership camp experiences. Coupled with the water-related Values-in-Action (VIA) programme, students truly live out the values, attitudes, knowledge and skills (VAKS) developed through this niche area.

Through the DSA-Sec exercise, students with identified leadership attributes will be admitted to the school. These students will undergo a comprehensive 4-year training programme aimed at developing and enhancing their leadership potential in the CCA and student leadership areas, in line with the school’s core values and the 21 st century competencies.

Damai Secondary School invites talented Primary 6 students with any   of the following attributes and achievements to apply through the DSA-Sec exercise:
(i) Holds leadership position/s in primary school e.g. class chairman, prefect, CCA captain/chairman etc.;
(ii) Recipient of an Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service; Recipient of the Edusave Character Award (ECHA).