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A Purposeful and Meaningful Life
Sec 1 - 3 End of Year Examination Timetable

Click here to download the Sec 1 - 3 Examination Timetable.

Semester 2 Schedule for Assessments

Click here to view and download the Semester 2 Schedule for Assessments.

Sec 4 & 5 Prelim Exam Timetable

Click here to download the Sec 4 & 5 Preliminary Examination Timetable.

2022 Class Timetable

Click here to view and download the Class Timetable for 2022 Semester 2.

2022 School Calendar

Click here to view the 2022 School Calendar.

Full Subject-Based Banding

Click here to learn more about Full Subject-Based Banding which is implemented in Damai Secondary School starting from 2022.

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Latest News & Events
Responsible Food Consumption & Compost-making

Want to know how Damai Secondary teaches its students and their families about responsible food consumption and compost-making? Watch the CNA Green Plan video to find out.

Appreciating the work of our non-teaching staff

Our students gained a deeper appreciation of the work that goes into maintaining a clean school environment recently. Click here to read more about it on MOE Facebook.

Applied Learning Programme

Our Applied Learning Programme: Environmental Sciences and Sustainability inspires our students to go on a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery. Read more about it on MOE Facebook and Schoolbag.

Water Sports @ DSS

Damaians have the rare opportunity to experience interesting water sports. Click here to read more about it on MOE Facebook page.

The Edge

Our student activity centre, The Edge, was featured in MOE Facebook page. Read more about it here.

Damai Students in the News

Our Damaians have done us proud in displaying resilience and passion in the face of challenges to succeed in competitions and their academic endeavours. Click here to read about our Damaians in the news!

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