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Student Development Programme

Student Development through the Co-Curriculum

The Total Curriculum in Damai Secondary School comprises the Curriculum and the Co-Curriculum. Through the Total Curriculum, students receive a holistic education which provides them with balanced development across the moral, cognitive, social-emotional, physical and aesthetics domains.   

The Co-Curriculum is integral to the holistic development of students. Through the Co-Curriculum, Damaians are provided with varied and authentic opportunities to develop their character and citizenry. The curriculum is anchored on values which determine Damaian’s beliefs and attitudes towards life, the people around him and the world at large. The curriculum will equip Damaians with the right attitude, knowledge and skills, developing each student to be a self-directed learner, a confident person, a concerned citizen and an active contributor. 


Student Development At Damai

The Damai Student Development Team envisions all its students to be dynamic, resilient and ethical 21st century leaders and entrepreneurs, who will make a positive impact to the world around them. The team supports the school’s mission to imbue students with the right moral values, journey with them on their exploration to discover themselves, their interests and talents, and nurture them to always do their best.

Damaians enjoy a vibrant school experience through experiential learning in the key domains of Co-curricular Activities (CCAs), Learning for Life Programme (LLP) through Water Sports, Values-In-Action (VIA), Aesthetics, Level-wide Enrichment and Lifeskills Programmes.  The Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons and these learning experiences are mapped out to allow a broad, varied and developmental approach towards acquiring the school’s motto of a Purposeful and Meaningful Life. The holistic development of Damaians is further well-supported by building strong teacher-student relationship, home and community engagement.

Role of the Damai Student Development Team

The Damai Student Development Team oversees the design and delivery of a holistic learning experience that all students undergo throughout their 4/5 years of education in Damai Secondary School. Its key role is to enhance the quality of school experience for Damaians, with emphasis on values education and the development of students’ socio-emotional competencies.  It begins with Damaians undergoing the important transition phase from a primary school environment to a secondary school environment in their first year with the school, with incremental exposure and deeper exploration in character and citizenship education, leadership development and post-secondary education while aiming for academic excellence.  

 Through the school’s Learning for Life Programme, CCA programmes, CCE lessons and VIA activities, students acquire important values and life-skills to help them work towards the outcome of leading a purposeful and meaningful life.


Structure of the Damai Student Development Team

The Student Development Team is headed by both Vice-Principals who are supported closely by two Year Heads, HOD CCE, HOD CCA and the Discipline Master.


Each of the HODs look into their respective programmes while the Year Heads, supported by the Assistant Year Head works closely with the Form Teachers of that level to provide socio-emotional support for students through building positive relationships and understanding their needs.


The Year Head/Assistant Year Head then partners the CCA, CCE and Discipline Team to ensure that all students receive a holistic education through an enriching CCA experience, values-laden CCE programmes and a safe learning environment through Positive Discipline.


On top of that, the SDT works closely with the Academic Team to ensure that the students are able to learn in a well-balanced environment through a rigorous academic programme and an enriching co-curriculum programme. Should students fall short of the academic expectations, the SDT works closely with the Academic Team to provide support for them.

The following table depicts the structure of the 2018 Student Development Team:  

Miss Lee Ley Har
Mrs Joanne Wong

Mr Ng Zhi Xian


Mr Ng We Keat

Year Head

(Lower Secondary)

Mrs Jackie Chan

Year Head

(Upper Secondary)

Miss Lorraine Ng


Miss Nurmin Ahmad   SH/CCE (Internal)

Mr Lim Jing Kai


Mrs Ng-Teo Swee Wah


Miss Lenny Marlina Mohamed 
Assistant Year Head (Sec 1)

Miss Nur Diyana Osman 

Assistant Year Head (Sec 3)