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Learning for Life Programme: Character Development through Water and Adventure Sports

The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) provides students with real-life experiences to develop character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, self expression and strengthen their people skills. The focus area for our school's LLP is 'Character Development through Water and Adventure Sports.'

The LLP is aligned to the school's vision and mission of developing students who lead purposeful and meaningful lives guided by strong moral values and a spirit to explore their interests and talents. Through authentic learning experiences in water and adventure sports, the programme develops character, leadership and citizenship competencies in our students. 

Level Programmes

Secondary One – Introduction to Water & Adventure Sports

Character and leadership development starts in Secondary One through the Water & Adventure Sports Camp. The camp introduces students to Water & Adventure Sports, and provides an avenue for students to forge new friendships and bond with their peers and camp leaders. 

Secondary One students also begin their LLP journey with Outdoor Education incorporated into their PE lessons. Additionally, through the Sports Education Programme (SEP), students also begin to explore their own interests in adventure sports through electives like abseiling and rock-climbing. 

Sec 1 SEP Adventure Sport.jpg Sec 1 Adventure Sport 2.jpg 

Secondary Two – Exploring Adventure Sports 

Secondary Two students continue their LLP journey and acquire more advanced skills such as navigation and outdoor cooking through their Outdoor Education lessons. Students will also have the opportunity to take part in Adventure Sports at a higher level, such as Urban Abseiling and Sports Climbing through the Level 2 Sports Education Programme. 

Sec 2 Kayaking 2.jpg
Sec 2 Kayaking.jpg

Secondary Three – Service, Community, and Citizenship

Secondary Three students will take part in the clean-up of the waterways along the Kallang River (currently known as Marina Reservoir). Students apply the water confidence they have acquired to contribute to the community and environment. Through the programme, students will learn service to community, respect for the environment, as well as the importance of Singapore's water resource. 

Secondary Three students will also attend the Dragonboat Orientation Programme, where they will learn the importance of teamwork and resilience. Beyond that, students will also learn about the rich cultural significance the sport holds in Singapore and the region. 

Sec 3 Waterway Clean up 2.jpg
Sec 3 Waterway Clean up.jpg

Secondary Four – Lifelong Learning and Beyond

The highlight of the Secondary Four LLP is the Water Sports Electives. Students will further explore their interest in a variety of water sports such as surfing, stand-up paddling, and scuba-diving. Students learn to step out of their comfort zone and begin a lifelong journey beyond the school gates. 

Sec 4 Watersports Electives.jpg
Sec 4 Watersports 2.jpg

Water Sports CCA

The school offers two water sports CCA in line with our LLP for students who wish to pursue their interests at a higher level. Students who are keen can apply to join the Canoeing (girls) or Dragonboat (boys) CCA, where they will train under professional coaches and take part in competitive races.