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Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Damai Secondary School is established in 2018 from a merger of Bedok North Secondary School (established in 1981) and Damai Secondary School (established in 1994).  The new school functions from the existing premises at Damai Secondary.  Ms Chan Wan Siong was appointed Principal-designate of this new school with effect from 26 April 2017.  She joined the school effective 15 December 2017. 

The first batch of students at the new Damai Secondary School comprises Secondary Two and Secondary Three students from both the merging schools.  The first cohort of Secondary One students joined the school on 2 January 2018.

Our Philosophy

Damai Secondary School aims to nurture students into upright citizens who are determined to do their best always to fulfil their purpose in life in a meaningful way.  The school will create opportunities for students’ growth and development laying a strong foundation for them to build their future upon.  

Together, members of the school community will forge a new identity with an emerging school culture and ethos.  Concerted efforts by all parties involved in creating a conducive environment for teaching and learning, as well as for growth and development for staff and students will provide the impetus for the school’s journey ahead.  

Every individual has a role to play and a purpose in life.  The school will provide students with opportunities to discover themselves through their studies, interaction and engagement with others (peers, teachers as well as the wider community), active participation in school activities and programmes, application of values and skills learnt in authentic settings, and reflections on lessons learnt.  We believe everyone has the capacity to contribute to the good of society and make a positive difference in everything they do. 

Imbued with the right values and a positive attitude towards learning and life, students will be able to make informed decisions on the paths they should take upon completion of their studies at Damai Secondary School.