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Applied Learning Programme: Environmental Sciences and Sustainability

Damai’s STEM ALP aims to (i) inspire students to go on a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery, (ii) hone students’ 21st century competencies and innovative spirit through authentic learning experiences and tinkering with technology and (iii) strengthen students’ awareness of major environmental issues and their impacts on humanity and Mother Earth. These objectives are encapsulated in the STEM ALP framework below.  

ALP Chart.png

To achieve the overarching ALP objectives, the school has developed a unique curriculum that enables students to: 
  • Engage in learning that are relevant, applicable and personal;
  • Explore the possibilities of learning through a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery;
  • Experience learning in authentic and real world context.

Based on this 3E approach, the school has developed a unique curriculum which incorporates specific lesson modules on concepts in environmental science and sustainability as well as a design thinking project that provides students the opportunity to embark on an ideation process towards the resolution of an issue related.

All lower secondary students undergo a semester of ALP lessons which incorporate hands-on activities. 
Sec 1 students will focus on the theme of Water Sustainability with the following learning objectives:
    • Appreciate how science and technology are used in Singapore’s water purification processes
    • Apply science principles to purify given water samples
    • Explain how water pollution and climate change can affect water security and biodiversity
    • Create a water wheel to harness the kinetic energy of moving water

Sec 2 students will focus on the theme of Waste Management with the following learning objectives:
    • Appreciate how Singapore manages its solid waste to create a sustainable living environment
    • Practise the 3Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to make a positive impact on our environment
    • Upcycle a discarded object by creatively transforming it into a product of higher value
    • Programme the Arduino to read light, motion and temperature sensors
    • Understand the key stages in Design Thinking and apply the principles of Design Learning in a                      collaborative project
The ALP curriculum is supplemented with learning journeys, assembly talks, exhibitions and workshops to provide varied learning experiences to our students.

Learning Journey


Students who are passionate about environmental science and sustainability can participate in external competitions or enrichment programmes such as the Heron Watch Programme which is organised by the school in partnership with NParks.

Heron Watch Programme



The school offers the school-based STEAM-ALP Award to Sec 2 students with outstanding talents in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Aesthetics and Mathematics), passion in environmental sciences and strong interest in STEAM. Students with outstanding achievements in STEAM-related fields or competitions can apply for the STEAM Excellence Pinnacle Award. Awardees may be given the opportunities to participate in additional enrichment activities and competitions to further develop their knowledge and competencies in STEAM.