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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Secondary 1 CCA Briefing Slides 2021.pdf 

First Day of CCA for Secondary 1 Students 2021.pdf 

Co-Curricular Activities 

Co-Curricular Activities play a key role in the holistic development of our students. The framework for CCA is anchored in the values of developing students' interests in life-long recreational activities and broadening students' experiences. 

The Damai CCA Policy

  • It is compulsory for every student to take part in one CCA. 
  • Students who wish to represent the school in a second CCA not offered by the school will have to seek prior approval from the HOD CCA
  • Students may opt for a change of CCA at the beginning of each year
      • However, this does not apply to students in the Uniformed Groups (UG) and Symphonic Band. Students in these CCAs are strongly encouraged not to change their CCA to fully benefit from it over the 4 years. 
  • Students must : 
      • obtain their parents' endorsement of their participation in CCA
      • attend CCA regularly and be fully participative throughout the CCA sessions
      • inform the teachers-in-charge if they need to be excused from a CCA session due to medical or other valid reasons. 

Recognition of Students’ Level of Attainment under LEAPS 2.0

At the end of the graduating year, students’ co-curricular attainment will be marked as  Excellent/Good/Fair.  

CCA points are allocated based on a student’s Participation, Service, Leadership and Achievement as outlined in LEAPS 2.0. 

The level of attainment will be converted to bonus point(s) which can be used for admission to Junior Colleges/ Polytechnics/ Institutes of Technical Education.

Co-Curricular Attainment Details
(2 Bonus Points)
Student who attains a minimum Level 3 in all four domains and
with at least a Level 4 in one domain.
(1 Bonus Point)
Student who attains a minimum Level 1 in all four domains with any one of the following:
  • At least Level 2 in three domains;
  • At least Level 2 in one domain and at least Level 3 in another domain
  • At least Level 4 in one domain
Fair Student’s attainment in co-curricular will not translate into any bonus points.

More details of the LEAPS 2.0 system can be found on the MOE website here.

Our School's CCAs for 2021

Damai Secondary School currently offers the following CCAs:

Sports & Games 
Canoeing (Girls)
Dragonboat (Boys)
 Handball (Boys)
 Netball (Girls)
 Rugby (Boys)
Visual & Performing Arts 
 Ethnic Dance
 Modern Dance
Symphonic Band  
 Art Club
Uniformed Groups
Girl Guides
 National Cadet Corps (Land) (Boys)
National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)  
Clubs & Societies
Info - Communication Club