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Student Accolades

Our Students in The News

GCE O Level Features

Jia Xuan.jpg

Chua Jia Xuan

We are pleased to announce that our student, Chua Jia Xuan of 402 (2020), was featured in the news for displaying utmost resilience and positivity during her graduating year, despite going through a major family crisis. In her final year in the school, Jia Xuan mourned the sudden loss of her father to a heart attack in April 2020, during the period of Home-Based Learning. Inspired by her father’s hardworking nature, she was determined to do well in her studies to honour him, and care for her mother, the sole breadwinner, in the future. Her efforts paid off when she scored 11 points with five distinctions. She is overjoyed that she would have made her father proud. Jia Xuan, hopes to be a pharmacist by studying science in junior college or pharmaceutical science at Temasek Polytechnic (TP). 

She was featured in several newspapers:

  • Click here to read her feature in The New Paper 
  • Click here to read her feature in Lianhe Zaobao & Shin Min Daily News: (login is required to view the full article).

GCE N Level Features

De Sheng.JPGSng De ShengGaizqa.JPGGaizqa Niyaz Bin Yusreite

We are pleased to announce that our students, Sng De Sheng of 404 (2020) and Gaizqa Niyaz Bin Yusreite of 406 (2020), were featured in the news for displaying amazing resilience in overcoming the odds to do well in the N level examinations.

Sng De Sheng has taken a long route to success but his resilience has helped him to preserve and triumph over the odds. De Sheng did very well in his GCE N-level results and will be applying for the Direct-Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP). He was featured in the Chinese news here

Gaizqa, too, has experienced many difficulties on the home front but has remained resilient, driven and responsible to do his best in school always. Gaizqa did well in his GCE N-level results and has gained a place in the Electrical Technology (Power and Control) at ITE East College through the Early Admissions Exercise. Click here to read about his feature in Berita Harian (login is required to view the full article)

2020 National Writing Competition

Xi Tianyilin.jpg

Xi Tianyilin

We are proud to announce that our student, Xi Tianyilin, has clinched the Gold Award in the National Writing Competition organised by the Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Association.

The topic for the competition was ‘2020, Our Story of Battling the Pandemic’. Participants were free to write about anything related to Covid-19 situations. Xi Tianyilin was greatly inspired by the stories of patients with Covid-19. Yilin empathized with those who had been stricken with COVID-19, put herself in the shoes of those patients and wrote a letter to her future self. In her letter, she gave a vivid description on being ill with COVID-19 from the perspective of a patient and linked it to her own life experiences. She hopes to use her letter as a form of encouragement and support to real patients in the society as well.

She was also featured in Zaobao. Click here to view the Zaobao article (login is required to view the full article).